Monday, August 4, 2008

The first tomato of our lives

David and I plucked our first tomato from one of our six tomato plants a few weeks ago. It was a long, trying process -- watching the tomato turn bigger and bigger but refusing to turn red, as it cracked from water want and heat. We didn't have the hang of tomato-growing yet; we didn't water enough, and we had apparently stunted the growth of four of the plants by using some incomplete potting soil mix. But now, thanks to David, things are on the up and up, and it looks like we'll have a bumper crop of at least a dozen tomatoes. We water more frequently now, and David added a hill of "good" soil mix to the four plants that were struggling. We left for the beach on Friday, and when we came back on Sunday, the plants had shot up and were even developing their promising yellow flowers. He is a miracle man.

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